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Brunswick Navigation Co. founded in 1996 has rapidly developed into a comprehensive maritime industry provider specializing in:

BRUNSWICK NAVIGATION Hydrographic Surveying
BRUNSWICK NAVIGATION Project Platform and Support Systems for Marine Science and Marine Engineering Contracts
BRUNSWICK NAVIGATION Specialized vessel and Equipment Transport
BRUNSWICK NAVIGATION The 35ft Responder cruises in at 30kts after a day offshore.

Serving the Mid to South Atlantic and Gulf States our modern fleet of custom built Rigid Hull Inflatables and professional staff offer a winning combination to assist your company needs. With a fleet of (2) 35ft Rigid Hull Inflatable and (2) 50ft Rigid Hull Inflatable, Brunswick Navigation Co. has the coastal research platform for any job inshore or offshore.

The Truck and Crane Division Hauled out the 50ft Glynn and prepares her for the road.
The Truck and Crane Division with it hydraulic trailer and crane is capable in moving large vessels, lifting engines, gear and buoys onto or off the research vessel.

The office and large garage work area can be used for storing and working on your gear. Our 24hour dispatch will handle the logistics of projects day and night 7 days a week. Please contact Brunswick Navigation any time about your projects.

Brunswick Navigation Company • 8 Glynn Avenue • Brunswick, GA 31520 • 912-280-9460 • FAX 912-280-9459

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